What is Error Nuker?
Error Nuker is a powerful utility that will scan the Windows Registry to identify errors and ways to optimize the performance of the Windows Registry.
Unlike other similar tools, Error Nuker is very careful with the registry — it never deletes a registry entry if this could harm your system...

Free scan
Let Error Nuker, our amazing FREE PC Diagnostics tool, identify the precise problems in your Windows registry so you can determine exactly what is wrong with your Windows Registry.
Best of all you can keep the tool forever and find out if your PC has problems for FREE as often as you like.
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Registry Problem Symptoms
  • PC keeps crashing at critical times
  • PC needs frequent rebooting
  • unable to remove a program using add/remove dialog
  • 'unable to load ***.DLL' errors
  • 'cannot find ***.exe' errors
  • PC runs noticeably slower than when you first bought it

Scrutinized Registry Sectors

  • Application Paths
  • Uninstall Info
  • Help Files
  • File Extensions
  • Font Files
  • Most Recently Used Files
  • Shared DLLs
  • Shared Folders
  • Startup Programs
  • Shortcuts


Modifying Windows Registry is a very daunting task. Deleting the wrong entry can render your PC unusable. The Internet is flooded with registry cleaning utilities that may remove vital system entries when cleaning your registry. Some of them have backup and restore options, but an error in Windows Registry may prevent Windows from booting - what good is a backup if you cannot use it?

Error Nuker is different — its number one priority is safety. We thoroughly tested Error Nuker and the number of false positives was reduced to zero. Error Nuker uses our Windows Registry Repair Algorithm (WRRA) to make sure that it doesn't remove a Windows Registry key if there is a chance that it might hurt your system.

Main Features

Automatic Scan
By default, Error Nuker scans the registry for all types of errors. This is the simplest way to clean up the registry. Automatic Scan is recommended for 'non-technical' users.

Custom Scans
You customize your search and scan Windows registry for particular types of errors (shared DLLs, missing fonts, invalid startup entries, etc.).

Manual Cleanup
After the scan is complete, Error Nuker will show you a full list of errors with details, broken down by types and let you fix individual invalid entries or all invalid entries of a certain type.

Backup and Undo
Before removing an entry from your registry, Error Nuker automatically creates a backup file that can be used to undo the changes.

You can schedule Error Nuker to scan the registry whenever you start your computer.

Fast Fact

Over 92% of computers are infected with adware and spyware. Such software is rarely accompanied by uninstall utility and even when it is it almost always leaves broken Windows Registry keys behind it. Even if you have an anti-spyware tool your Windows Registry might be broken - developers of those tools are focused on removing adware and spyware functionality, not every trace of software itself.
Almost 34 million consumers have bought a privacy protection product already.

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